About Kimbralou


Kimbralou is a sustainable fashion brand that salvages then customises thrifted pieces to create exclusive designs underpinned by social and political awareness. The designs showcase to the public, as they sell at local fashion markets and online, a shift towards a more circular economy, from the standard throwaway society mentality.

The designs come from salvaging, through thrift shopping materials, to ultimately achieve a customised exclusive piece. In short, integrity to the principles of reusing and reassembling is applied to the kimbralou brand so that clothes can be taken apart, customised and reintroduced into the garment life cycle as a one of one design.

The creative focus of kimbralou is a collage artistic style enhanced by freehand unstylised words embroided within selected designs. Overall, the creative approach occurs organically, as firstly, thrifted pieces appear, are considered and then hustled for the best deal. The vision for execution of the design process then naturally occurs where the studio is surrounded by all the thrifted items and the final customised pieces are basically an expression of what ‘loud’ designs come. From here, the kimbralou customised designs find their new owners who tend to select them to express their freedoms, sexuality or individuality. 

The current vision for kimbralou is to firmly establish the brand where each exclusive piece is highly sort after by customers who love to express themselves through fashion. Also, that the brand is known for fabulous examples of how once discarded fashion items can be taken apart and reassembled into a statement piece. From here, it is hoped that it will drive the agenda for the salvaged and customised pieces to be seen as a viable option in the international push towards slow fashion.
The common denominator underpinning the majority of kimbralou is to creatively restore to prolong garment life in the context of slow fashion. Clearly, driving this sustainable fashion brand is the motivation and skill to actively hustle for discarded items and creatively tweak them so that they can be loved again for other adventures.
Homepage images are by Richard Smith