“Stay Woke” what does this mean? There is so much ‘noise’ that surrounds us on a daily basis, whether that be from social media or unsolicited opinions or comments from others, even, at worst, emotional abuse. To stay woke is just simply to be mindful of this perpetual bombardment of visual and verbal communications. The ultimate aim of ‘stay woke’ is to be clear knowing so that you are able to own yourself authentically without sacrificing pieces of your soul.

Kimbralou is an alter ego of myself, Kimbra, where the swan in the logo will be an enduring symbol of kimbralou, the brand. The swan symbol was selected as it has been a constant in my long life as a visual representation of ‘owning’ oneself. I feel over the years I have had the luxury of many young people being drawn to my vibe where we engage in philosophical conversations about owning oneself always, even in the setting of adversity or negativity from others, born from insecurity.

The power bird, that is swan, is used as an analogy that takes centre stage at the time of these conversations. With the vehicle of Kimbralou, the brand, I quickly found I could tell many stories through the collaged designs on major pieces, through the runway showcase choreography, with specific model selection and now, as a constant, the Kimbralou logo.

Within the logo I see the swan as having an upright neck, despite the weight of the massive rose which is literally covered in blood that is seen to drip onto the swan and into the water. The rose is a universal symbol of love, that within the logo, I see as symbolic of self love . The image of the swan, specifically with an upright neck , aligns to the notion of self love and is symbolic of the power to ‘own’ oneself. The blood imagery is representative of the negativity that can surround us as we move through life. Here it is quite significant to the extent of even spilling onto the swan and flowing into the water.

Swan is seen to have the ability to move forward, while holding its neck upright, in a powerful motion shown by the ripples on the water. ‘Stay woke’ is strategically set on the horizon as a horizon is the part of the earth surface visible from a particular point, ignoring irregularities and obstructions.

Kimbralou has indeed been an opportunity to broaden my personal horizons where I have what appears to be a legitimate fashion label that simply came from an idle afternoon activity of customising an embroidery sampler into the back of a denim jacket. The sampler in fact had the embroidery words, “don’t compare your insides with someone else’s outsides.” #staywoke

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